Our much-loved Duet Makeup Remover has had a refresh and now comes in a sleek, new-look packaging with a formula upgrade and more (Duet) for your money. The innovative, wipe-on-wipe-off formula combines both oil and water to efficiently yet gently remove every trace of makeup - including waterproof mascara and long-wear lipstick - in a wink. The same Cucumber and Fennel Extracts (to soften and soothe the skin) and Aloe Vera (for a hydration hit) remain yet a formulation tweak means Duet Makeup Remover is now proudly paraben free. And the larger bottle means more (Duet) for the same price.

Duet Makeup Remover

  • Shake well and saturate a cotton pad with remover. Gently wipe across eyelids, lashes and lips. Follow by rinsing face with water.
  • For eye makeup that won’t budge, saturate two cotton pads and press onto your eyes, holding for 30 seconds. The oil base will breakdown even the most stubborn smokey eye and mascara.
  • Maximise your product by using the top side of a cotton pad soaked in Duet Makeup Remover (the side with the oil on it) to breakdown your eye makeup. Turn the cotton pad over and use the water side to cleanse residue away.
  • Clean stubborn lip colours from your synthetic lip brush with Duet Makeup Remover. Shake well and apply to a tissue then wipe the brush back and forth until all colour is removed.
  • For easy lash removal, dip a cotton tip in Duet Makeup Remover and press along the lash bed. Allow the oil to breakdown the lash glue before removing the lash from the eye.